Summer holidays nearly here!

And so we finish up our project for the year – it has been really enjoyable.  We are going to vote this morning for your raps in Spain.  Well done to all.

The Finnish music and the Greek business project are amazing.  We are finishing the year by working on a project all about fish!

You can visit the website here:

Have a great holiday everyone and thanks for all the posts!

5th class, Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo. Ireland

Our own newspaper

In the 2012-2013 academic year, the “La Voz de la Fuente” School Newspaper project was launched on the occasion of the 2018 BOOK DAY, and as part of the activities contemplated in our Erasmus+ #lafuenteontheroad project, the fifth year students of the “La Fuente” School wanted to take up this project again.

In this adventure we want to give “free rein” to the creativity of our children, addressing those issues that interest them and always from a positive and constructive approach.

For this we want to count on the help of all those who make up this Educational Community, students, parents, teachers and local administration.

This first post from our online newspaper lavozdelofuente3.0 is a great way to thank the old schoolmates who had this brilliant idea.

We hope you like it and also your contributions, at the moment there are dozens of stories that are “cooked” in our editorial staff, stay tuned for new publications.

In case you don’t understand the articles published in Spanish you can translate them using the google app in the blog or try to use this Translator: It’s amazing!!

Thank you!

Summer is coming and it is time to say goodbye. We thank you for all your interesting posts. Class 4C is playing here a Finnish traditional folk song for you. The instrument is called Kantele and it is a traditional Finnish instrument. Have a lovely summer!

Exploring fractals

Hello from Greece! In the past couple of weeks we have been exploring fractals, which are amazing mathematical concepts. In the following video you can see how to draw a simple fractal. If you try to draw it and you like it, we can show you more!